Novi Christian Academy Tuition Assistance

Novi Christian Academy (NCA) Tuition Assistance Program offers funds to families who are in financial need.  NCA does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its assistance program.

Tuition Assistance will be evaluated each academic year.  NCA cannot offer awards to all of the families who apply.  NCA can assure each applicant that all applications will receive consideration and fair treatment. Every family is required to make a financial investment in their child’s education.  A financial aid award means we are sharing the investment with you.

Applications may be submitted February 1, for the following academic year.  Awards will be made prior to tuition payments beginning on May 1. Tuition assistance is available to families and students who attend or have been admitted to Novi Christian Academy in grades K – 12, and plan to attend our school during the upcoming academic year. Please contact Karyn Spaude for further information at (248) 668-7111, or

Novi Christian Academy (NCA) Tuition Assistance Process:

  • Submit Financial Information:  Complete a tuition assistance application at and submit your tax return.  Novi Christian Academy is alerted by email when complete.
  • Tuition assistance is allocated under the following segments:
    • Needs-Based
    • Christian Service (based on parent working in full-time church ministry)
    • Family Emergency (based on family who has had a recent experience that negatively impacts their ability to pay tuition)
  • Tuition assistance applications are reviewed and are determined based upon need and circumstances.
    Response letters/emails are sent to the applicant.

If a tuition assistance award is authorized, awards are distributed to the student’s account when the student’s enrollment at NCA is confirmed.

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Karyn Spaude

CPA, MBA, NCA Business and Human Resources