Novi Christian Academy was founded in 1986.

NCA is a K-12, coeducational, college-preparatory school with a Biblical worldview. We offer an advanced education with Honors classes and extensive hands-on labs for sciences and technology, K-12. NCA offers a committed staff of Christian educators that work together to nurture each child spiritually, academically, emotionally, and physically.

Our beautiful facilities offer an Athletic Field Complex; including baseball, softball, and soccer. We also offer art, vocal and instrumental music rooms, media center, 2100-seat Creative and Performing Arts Worship Center, gymnasium, weight room, and state-of-the-art technology labs and classrooms. 


NCA has a joint accreditation through ACSI and COGNIA. ACSI stands for Association of Christian Schools International. Accreditation with ACSI/COGNIA engages schools in a vigorous, holistic process of organizational appraisal and improvement that engages every school constituent. 

ACSI/Cognia benefits for students:

Having ACSI and COGNIA dual accreditation gives NCA an elite accreditation.

Results-Proven Curriculum: ACSI/COGNIA accreditation ensures that a quality curriculum is in place.

Accountability: ACSI/COGNIA requires schools to regularly report on their program goals.

Strive for Excellence: The teachers at an ACSI/COGNIA accredited program work toward professional standards that far exceed the competition.

Professionalism and certification of Teachers: ACSI/COGNIA Accreditation means that Novi Christian Academy is 100% in compliance with certification of our faculty.

ACSI Exemplary Accreditation is designed for high performing schools who are seeking to be held to higher standards for all programs and operations. COGNIA Accreditation has a stellar reputation and is well known at all stages of the educational spectrum. It is the largest accreditation system for educational institutions in the world.


Spiritual Life


Fine Arts


School Board


Dan Robinson

M.A., Superintendent

Stacy Holleman

M.A., Principal

Amanda Chenault

B.A., Spiritual Life Pastor, HS Bible


Kyle Harris

B.S., Assistant Athletic Director

Kiley Culpepper

Athletic Administrative Assistant


Amy Bowdich

LMSW, Guidance Counselor

Brenda Florence

Assistant to the Superintendent

Logan Gallagher

B.A., Director of Admissions

Jimi Herr

Technical Director and System Administrator

Nancy Mautz

B.A., Administrative Assistant, Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, High School Activities Director

JoAnn McCready

M.A., Academic Support Services

Jennifer Ramos

Elementary Administrative Assistant

Karyn Spaude

CPA, MBA, NCA Business and Human Resources


Kelsey Heath

M.A., Kindergarten Teacher

Juliana Houck

B.A., Kindergarten Teacher

Ibolya Cosma

Kindergarten Teacher Aide

Sandra Villamizar

M.P.A., Kindergarten Teacher Aide

Lindsay Cyr

M.A., First Grade Teacher

Alyssa Senczyszyn

B.A., First Grade Teacher

Karen Bulbuk

First Grade Teacher Aide

Julie Skaff

B.S, First Grade Teacher Aide

Simone McKinney

M.A., Second Grade

Karin Ward

M.A., Second Grade

Erica Kelley

B.S., Third Grade Teacher

Janine Williams

B.A., Third Grade Teacher

Madison Church

B.S., Fourth Grade Teacher

Jamie Smola

Fourth Grade Teacher

Zita Budimir

B.S., Fifth Grade

Angela Schneider

B.S., 5th Grade teacher


Elise Bommarito

M.A., Middle School History

Melissa Dawe

B.A., Geometry, Statistics, Trig/PreCalc, NHS Advisor

Ashley Gross

B.A., Middle School Math, HS Bible

Julie Gyorke

M.A., Middle School Bible

Laura Lindsay

B.S., Mathematics and Bible

Andrea Lorion

B.A., U.S. History, Research & Speech

Ted Roskens

M. Div., Secondary Spanish

Libby Schell

M.S., Robotics and Stem AP Calculus, AP Physics I and II

Nicole Schinzing

B.A., Middle School English

Teresa Swaffield

B.A., HS English, Literature & Composition, Research & Speech

Alisa Vensko

B.S., Secondary Science Teacher

Joseph Wasil

M.A., Director of Biblical Immersion, Curriculum Coordinator, Science


Kristie Bink

B.A., Vocal Music

Rebecca Chromey

Elementary Technology, Worship Tech, and Yearbook

Karen Davenport

M.A., Elementary Reading Specialist

Mario Gallegos

Ed.S., Computer Science

Alex Harrington

B.A., Instrumental Music Teacher

Mike Harris

B.S., Physical Education

Jenna Setsuda

M.A., Spanish

Allison Trewern

B.A., Art Teacher

Carmen Vigh

Art Teacher


Robin Smith

B.A., Kitchen Director

Molly Nelson

Kitchen Assistant

Maria Schimizzi

Kitchen Assistant

Carolyn Vasilli

Kitchen Assistant


NCA is committed to a culture that celebrates diversity. We recognize that each person is uniquely created in the image of God, and our community should reflect the diversity and unity of the Kingdom of God.

Geographic Diversity:
Our students represent residency in 22 public school districts.

Racial Diversity:
Novi Christian Academy’s diversity extends beyond demographics; it’s a dynamic blend of perspectives, talents, and backgrounds. NCA students benefit from a rich cross-cultural environment, preparing them for a globalized world while promoting mutual respect and understanding.

Religious Diversity:
Our students worship at over 60 different churches.